GX Lymphatic & Cellulite Reducing

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a clinical condition found in almost all women and some men.  Cellulite manifests as “orange peel” dimpled appearance of skin caused by accumulation of fat in fat cells in subcutaneous layer of skin of the thigh, buttocks, abdomen and arms.

The condition is characterized by:

  • Pitting, bulging and deformation of the skin.
  • Feeling of tightness and heaviness in affected areas
  • Tenderness of the skin when pinched, pressed or vigorously massage
  • Accumulation of fluid in the skin
  • Loss of capillary network in the skin

To stimulate the lymph system and fat cells our clinic uses a combination of:

  • Herbal balms
  • Aromatherapy oils
  • Toning and sculpting
  • Electrically assisted massage
  • Electro-Lmphatic therapy
  • Vibratory endermatherapy system

G5 Gx-99 Subdermal Therapy System

The G5 is an electro-mechanical massage and percussion machine that addresses the following:

Soft Tissue Injuries – Maintain mobility within the tissue structures of ligaments, tendons, and muscles to reduce atrophy and adherent scars.

Muscle Spasms – Relaxes muscles which allows for manual or mechanical manipulation of the area.

Pressure Sores – Increases surface circulation which reduces arterial degeneration. Massage assets in reducing the height of bony protrusions by relaxing the muscles surrounding the bone. General Physiotherapy, Inc’s exclusive Directional-Stroking technology allows you to transport away toxic tissue fluid as you safely treat the perimeter around pressure ulcers.

Reduces Edema – Increases circulation by means of the generation of heat; assists in mobilizing edema fluids from an area; restores mobility.

Increased Circulation – Higher frequency vibration causes vassal dilation resulting in increased blood flow. This brings nutrients and oxygen to localized areas.

Trigger Point Therapy – Relieves the tension build-up or muscle contraction of the hypersensitive area that can evoke pain elsewhere in the body when stimulated.

Lymphatic Drainage – Provides detoxification of lymphatic systems by mobilizing lymphatic fluids and draining excess tissue fluids.

Continuous Passive Motion – Massage increases range-of-motion by reducing edema and relaxing muscle swelling that can occur during inactivity. Higher frequency vibration releases endorphins, which result in an analgesic effect to an area of treatment.

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The GX is an electro-mechanical massage and percussion machine that stimulates the lymph system and fat cells.
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