Private & Semi-Private Yoga


This is a private or semi-private (two guests) yoga session that will be designed based on your goals and desires. Are you completely new to Yoga and just don’t feel comfortable in a group setting? Are you an experienced Yoga enthusiast that is struggling with specific poses or series of poses and need some one-on-one attention to help you? Our four-time certified Yoga Master will be able to build a program that is designed just for you and your Yoga goals.


Breathwork is a powerful, active meditation technique for self-healing. This particular breathing pattern moves stuck energy, allows us to let go of the mind, and opens the heart. This is a powerful tool for processing unresolved pain and healing trauma. Most people leave sessions feeling lighter, clearer, and more connected to their heart and soul. This is a private or semi-private session that will allow teacher and student(s) to communicate freely at the beginning of the session, allow time for cleansing, and help bring energy flowing through the body.

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Private & Semi-Private Yoga Learn More
Customized to your needs, this yoga session will help you find balance, improve your breathing, and help your body flow.
Private Session$68
Semi-Private Session (2 guests)$88