Synergie Cellulite & Skin Tightening

The Ultimate Non-invasive FDA Approved Treatment

  • Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite
    (lose the cottage cheese look)
  • Smooth and Tighten the Skin
    (get rid of that saggy, baggy look)
  • Lose Inches
    (drop a pant-size)
  • Sculpt the body
    (get a better shape and contour)
  • Improve Circulation
    (feel better)

The Synergie Process:

The Synergie Cellulite Reduction Treatment is an effective non-surgical alternative for body sculpting and your answer to cellulite reduction. This non-invasive treatment provides optimal stimulation, stretching, and pressure to subcutaneous tissues, not easily achieved through traditional massage techniques. With a series of Synergie treatments, you will see and feel the improvement of your skin and the shape of your body, with a noticeable difference in the fit of your clothes from your very first treatment.

The Synergie machine is FDA-approved for the reduction of cellulite. In a recently completed study, Synergie was shown to dramatically reduce inches and to improve the smoothness of the skin in the treated areas. In fact, 100%  of the women participating in the study lost inches and over 90% reported a visible improvement in skin smoothness.

Synergie uses Vacuum Massage Technology, which gently combines suction and pressure to release the fluids in the fat cells that cause cellulite. The specific treatment techniques increase lymphatic drainage and blood circulation to flush the fat cell fluids and reduce overall water retention. Additional benefits of this treatment include the boosting of the immune system and stimulation of collagen production, which reduces stretch marks and scarring.

For clients who are on a diet or exercise plan and have lost weight, Synergie treatments are an excellent addition to help reduce stubborn cellulite and smooth and tighten skin in problem areas.   Synergie is an excellent body sculpting tool that provides a proven non-invasive option for those individuals who want to lose the appearance of cellulite, lose inches and smooth skin without the risks, pain, or high cost of radical surgical methods.

The treatment focuses on the top two skin levels of the body where the superficial and subcutaneous fat is trapped.  The Synergie vacuum massage physically manipulates the collagen fibers and connective tissue and increases metabolism to the treated area through increased local blood circulation. Plenty of water consumption is needed to aid the body in flushing the fats and toxins from the body through the increased metabolism of the circulatory and lymphatic systems.The Synergie treatment program consists of two phases, the aggressive phase and the maintenance phase.  The aggressive phase attains the Before to the After goal.  It consists of twice-weekly sessions over an 8-week period.  The maintenance phase consists of a once a month treatment to maintain the desired appearance and skin tone.

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Body sculpting, visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite, smooth skin, and lose inches.
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